This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts about myself and my life freely. In addition to a subject matter that is literally a reflection of who I am as a person, I feel like the style guide for my writing should reflect who I am too. The following are some things you may notice about my writing that my be considered “wrong” by some writers with explanations on why I choose to write that way. Please know that all of these choices, although sometimes considered “incorrect”, are done completely intentionally and are not done out of a lack of knowledge of the “correct” way.

Logical Punctuation

On this blog, I follow logical punctuation. When a period or comma is not part of a quote, then I will not place it inside of the quotation marks. I choose to use logical punctuation because it’s, as the name implies, logical. The traditional way creates confusion, especially in technical writing, and being a coder, I prefer the modern way.

Oxford Comma

I will always use the Oxford comma in my writing. It prevents ambiguity and, similar to placing periods and commas outside the quotes, it’s just logical. Also, in cases where I have a list inside of a list or a list of cities, the main list is separated by semicolons instead of commas.

For example: “I have family in New York, NY; Syracuse, NY; Boston, MA; San Diego, CA; Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Columbus, OH; Cincinnati, OH; and Tampa, FL.”

Singular “they” and Gender Neutral Language

I use the singular form of they and other gender neutral language to be inclusive of all people. The only time I will use gender specific language is when I specifically intend the reference to only one gender.

For example: I will say “The fireman saved the cat.” or “Firefighters play a critical role in our communities.” I won’t say “Firemen play a critical role in our communities.”