Observing Alex

Casually organized thoughts


Hey there! Wow, it’s cool that you’re interested in my work enough to wanna learn more about me. You clearly have great taste!

My name’s Alex, and I guess you can call me a student. I’m currently a sophomore at Colgate University in cold, cold Upstate New York. But when I’m not studying or doing whatever people in college do, I’m usually working on something digital. Sometimes I’m coding; other times, I’m working on a UI. I enjoy writing posts for this blog, and I have various other little projects I jump between that keep me fulfilled.

Right now, I’m somewhere in New England, living with some college friends while we study remotely this semester. When I’m not in classes, I’m working on Freeway, a UX design studio I started this year.

You can learn more about Freeway on our website.

On social media, you can find me on Instagram, GitHub, and Dribbble.

If you wanna say hello, you can shoot me an email at, alex at freeway.design.