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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season which really is the most wonderful time of the year.

There’s a special kind of comfort that comes with the holidays. The cooler weather, lights, music, decorations, and people all come together for timeless joy. I love waking up to frosted windows and drinking warm coffee while I write or study for exams. In fact, that’s what I’m doing as I write this.

My view while this Thanksgiving morning.

Through the day, you’re with friends and/or family, and there’s this rush to finish the year out strong. In school, I have exams, and it’s such a good feeling compiling my notes and reviewing everything I’ve learned over the term. Yesterday on the plane to my aunt’s house, I worked on college applications, read a magazine, and listened to She and Him’s Christmas album. It just felt nice.

I embrace change and progress, but I take comfort in knowing that there’s a timelessness to the holidays. As excited as I am for college next year, I take comfort in knowing that the season will always have its nostalgic warmth.

To all my friends and family, I love you guys, and Happy Thankgiving!